How to calculate the costs of a consumer credit?

When requesting money, you must be able to calculate the costs of a consumer loan. You will have to consider what interest rate can be applied and what other charges there are. How to know if it is convenient or not? With this information, you can avoid surprises and inconveniences in the future.


Calculate the costs of a consumer credit step by step

consumer credit step by step

The main thing is to know what influences the final amount of the loan:

  • Interest rate: it is the sum of money that the bank will charge you for lending you the silver.
  • Cancellation fees -total or partial-: how much will you have to pay in case you want to cancel the credit before finalizing, either all or part of it.
  • Other expenses: they can be insurance or processing expenses.
  • Amortization period: for how long they will lend you the money.
  • Amount of the monthly fee: how much will you have to pay between capital, interest, insurance and all associated expenses.

Taking this information into account, you can calculate the cost of a consumer loan.


Interest rates

The rates applied by financial institutions or banks vary according to the product they offer, so it is necessary to consult which one will be used in your loan. For example, the rates for a small business loan will not be the same as for a large company.

It will also depend on the amount requested and approved, as well as the time it will take to return it.



They are freely acquired by the customer. The best known are those of relief, unemployment and life. The only mandatory is that of credit relief.


Other expenses


There are always taxes and operational expenses. In general, the former are 0.8% of the requested amount and the latter vary between one thousand and two thousand dollars.

In many financial institutions they have credit simulators where you can see the different alternatives, but this process can sometimes be a bit tedious, so it is advisable to use a comparator of all the entities. In this way, in Lite Lenders you can compare the rate of the different bidders, as well as the other cartoons simultaneously.

Get the best option now that you can calculate the costs of a consumer credit.

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