Current loan interest rates 2020

The following applies to lend rates in 2019: the best rates are still at a low level. According to the Good Credit’s interest rate statistics, the average effective interest rate for consumer loans was 5.66% in April 2018. This means that it is currently relatively cheap for customers to take out a loan. The following […]

Statement mortgage – who will give it to us?

  A statement mortgage is a form of commitment with the least amount of formalities to settle. A loan in which property or real estate is used as collateral. The borrower enters into an agreement with the lender (usually a bank) wherein the borrower receives cash upfront then makes payments over a set time span […]


What does it mean to have a pre-approved credit?

One of the most interesting systems is pre-approved credit, that is to say that as a customer of a bank, consumer credit is easy to obtain. This is good because entities seek to retain you as a customer by offering you lower rates. Although it seems that it does not have requirements, they already have […]

Loan for people with bailiffs – check if you can

In a situation where the bailiff takes up remuneration for work, a bank account or an apartment is not the most pleasant. However, it is worth being aware that even the most difficult situations can be somehow come out. In a traditional bank they may refuse us financial support, but remember that the loan market […]

Short Term Loans Without Credit Bureau

Short-term loans immediately without Credit Bureau It happens again and again that unplanned expenses exceed the budget. Without Credit Bureau, we will solve your money problems with short-term loans. If you apply for a loan, you cannot avoid Credit Bureau – and if so, only because another credit agency checks your credit rating. “Short-term loan […]

Loan for self-employed without proof of income

  Suppliers or mail order companies often grant self-employed payments in installments as credit without proof of income for both business and private orders. Finding a loan for the self-employed without proof of income is difficult. Credit without proof of income Loan allowance for the self-employed and self-employed with 22 votes for Switzerland and Germany […]

How to calculate the costs of a consumer credit?

When requesting money, you must be able to calculate the costs of a consumer loan. You will have to consider what interest rate can be applied and what other charges there are. How to know if it is convenient or not? With this information, you can avoid surprises and inconveniences in the future.   Calculate […]

Consumer loans: they increased by 5% in 2018

+ 5%: a figure that reflects consumer credit activity in 2018 according to figures from the French Association of Financial Companies. It even reached 42.3 billion USD, closer to the peak in 2008 than the post-crisis trough of 2013. The yellow vests effect cooled consumer credit at the end of the year The increase in […]